2023 Flodesk Review: Still The Best Email Marketing Tool for Fashion Bloggers & Creatives?

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They say that one of the best things you can do for your brand or business is to grow your email list. 

I did not realize it; I was already sort of done with ConvertKit when Flodesk came on my radar. Designing beautiful emails with ConvertKit was a hassle and cost a pretty penny for my small business.

Flodesk is literally what fashion bloggers and creatives have been waiting for (I've been using this email marketing tool for over two years). This Flodesk review breaks down the practicality, versatility, and affordability of this NEW email marketing service.


In this Flodesk review, I break down everything you need to know about Flodesk, my personal experience, and the pros/cons of switching from ConvertKit to Flodesk.

Specifically, I’ll be speaking through the lens of a digital content creator (i.e., fashion blogger/influencer) rather than a marketer who already understands the benefits of having an email list.

TLDR: if you are considering switching to Flodesk, go ahead and try it right now, free for 30 days.

Personally, I decided to switch to Flodesk after four years of using ConvertKit. ConvertKit is a beast for those bloggers that have a product to sell. But for everyday style bloggers that want to connect with their audience, Flodesk is quite possibly all you need.

Should you use Flodesk email software? This brand NEW email marketing software combines the power of ConvertKit with the robust user interface and experience of Mailchimp at a price that's almost too good to be true. Read this Flodesk review to get the scoop about my experience with Flodesk.

So why email marketing?

I totally get the temptation to focus our energy on creating TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, YouTube videos, IG Lives, Facebook Lives… After all, the rate of video consumption is at an all-time high.

But while we go through the painstaking effort of growing our audience on another man’s land, don’t forget to funnel these viewers back to a channel you own; your blog/email list.

Flodesk vs. ConvertKit: Why I Switched From ConvertKit to Flodesk

ConvertKit helped me understand the importance of growing and cultivating my list. Although I loved their product and level of customer service, the intuitive design and attractive price structure of Flodesk got my attention.

Why, you might ask? I do not have a course, product, or service that I sell to blog readers or social media followers like more established bloggers and marketers.

Design emails people love to get with Flodesk

I see newsletters as an extension of my online relationship and a way for my audience to know, like, and trust me.

That said, I realized that maintaining my email list on ConvertKit had become more expensive as my list grew. And when I punched the numbers, I was at an impasse.

So when I heard about getting unlimited email subscribers with the beta Flodesk pricing structure, I had to give this email platform a try.

Flodesk Review: Detailed Guide About This Email Marketing Tool For Bloggers & Content Creators

1. Clean and Gorgeous Email Templates

As someone in a visual space, I love that Flodesk uses an intuitive visual builder and provides beautiful templates that stand out in any inbox.

And what’s even more exciting is that you have the option of choosing from a variety of pre-formatted templates, blocks and even pre-select your font, text size, and even link colors right in the email builder. 

2. Intuitive Email Creation

The process of creating beautiful, high-converting emails Flodesk emails is straightforward. 

Striking visuals are a vital part of our business as digital content creators and photographers. And we know that Flodesk fully embraces its goal of designing emails people love to open.

With ConvertKit, any “fun” feature like creating a button required me to put two lines of code. I felt like I was jumping through hoops to get my emails looking decent.

We’ve partnered with  Flodesk to offer Bloggerazzi readers a 50% off lifetime discount on this email marketing service.

Flodesk uses a visual builder, so you don’t ever have to worry about using HTML codes to design an eye-catching email.

Do you have a freebie for new subscribers? You can attach the PDF file to your welcome email.

Want to bring your subscribers along with your journey? Add your real-time Instagram feed at the bottom of your emails.

And if you want to create your own unique template, you can start your email from scratch. Tweek the email until you create your masterpiece. Once you’re done, save this email as a template by hitting the heart ❤️ button.

Uploading your own photos is never boring with Flodesk. There are lots of templates and grid options to let your creativity flow. And with their new integration with Unsplash and Giphy, it only takes a few clicks to add a photo or GIF.

Once you’re ready to send your newsletter (or want to preview how it looks during the creation process), you can preview it on desktop and mobile or even send a test email to yourself.

This process assures you that your email displays smoothly across all devices. And in case you’re wondering, your emails are optimized for mobile!

What's not to love about the stunning web forms that Flodesk offers?

3. High-Converting Landing Pages and Web Forms

Let’s keep this Flodesk review going! Beautiful emails are not the only perks of Flodesk. Just choose whichever form option best fits your need, and Flodesk will handle the rest. With this affordable email marketing program, nothing is closed off from you. Form options include:

  • In-line forms <- hosted on your blog
  • Pop-up forms <- hosted on your blog
  • Landing page (full page) forms <-hosted on Flodesk

In terms of usability, I found it faster and easier to create forms on Flodesk than in ConvertKit. And with the launch of Flodesk University, you can learn more tips from the pros to skyrocket your email list.

Since moving to Flodesk, I’ve grown my list significantly. And I feel better sending weekly emails to my audience without sweating about HTML codes.? Can you relate?

Chances are, you’ve already seen at least one of my Flodesk forms (sidebar, pop-up, or even at the end of this blog post.), but I’ll share a screenshot right here for you.

Example of Flodesk sign up form

4. Subscriber Reporting and Analytics

When I moved to Flodesk back in 2019, I was felt like their reporting and analytics dashboard was a little lacking. But over the months and years, the team has made significant improvements. Like all things Flodesk, email analytics is intuitive and easy to read.

My one gripe with Flodesk email platform is that it’s not exactly easy to see how many new subscribers you acquired daily. You have to note your numbers to see how well you’re growing.

This is not a huge issue for me since I keep a spreadsheet of my monthly growth. In contrast, ConvertKit makes your subscriber growth front and center when you sign into the dashboard.

As I mentioned, you can still get this data with Flodesk, but it requires a few more clicks. For $19/month for the first year (with code LOUISA), I can’t even complain!

Breaking news, besties! I just got priority access to Flodesk’s first-ever full-suite analytics dashboard!!

As a Flodesk user, I’ve always felt like the platform lacked analytics, making it difficult to gauge the success of my email campaigns. However, with this new dashboard, Flodesk has completely changed the game.

Now, I can view an array of valuable metrics, including the best days and times for my readers to open my emails, the top-performing forms, and daily, weekly, and monthly subscriber counts, including new subscribers and unsubscribed.

I could go on and on about the features available on this dashboard!

I’m beyond excited about this addition to Flodesk’s platform. It was long overdue, but Flodesk has finally delivered, and it’s a game-changer for anyone looking to take their email marketing to the next level.

5. Fixed Price, Unlimited Subscribers

If you’ve been considering switching to Flodesk, trust me, do it already. Lock in this $19 unbeatable price (50% off the current $38/month price) for unlimited subscribers fir twelve months.

And there’s no rush; you can try Flodesk FREE for 30 days while you keep your subscription at your current email provider active. 

If you don’t fall in love with Flodesk, you can easily switch back. Flodesk made it easy for me to create a series of emails that automatically gets pushed out to new subscribers at interval, so they get to know who I am. 

With some email marketing platforms, you actually get charged for this feature.

With Flodesk, you can have an unlimited number of people opt to receive your newsletter while focusing on cultivating your subscriber list.

Interested in seeing firsthand EXACTLY what Flodesk emails look like? Subscribe to my newsletter below. Psst! You can unsubscribe anytime ;).

Why Should You Switch To Flodesk?

Flodesk makes it easy to connect and nurture relationships with your audience thanks to the stunning templates, intuitive email builder, high-converting forms, awesome analytics, easy-to-implement workflow/sequence, and stellar price.

As a small business owner and creative entrepreneur, Flodesk makes complete sense for my business without breaking the bank.

In simpler terms, Flodesk has harnessed the power of ConverKit with the robust user interface of Mailchimp at an unbeatable price.

How much does Flodesk cost?

And did I mention that the brains behind Flodesk are to go-getting fempreneurs? Yes, Martha and Rebecca are two forces to be reckoned with. Cheers ? to seeing more women in tech.

My open rate and click rate have been impressively high since switching to Flodesk from ConvertKit. I’ll also admit that I try to prune my list to remove cold email subscribers: these are people who have not opened my emails in the past few months.

You’ll love Flodesk if:

  • you’re a content creator (fashion blogger, social media influencer, photographer…)
  • you love an affordable email marketing tool that does not compromise on features
  • you want an automation software that will maximize the conversion of blog subscribers
  • you have no interest in learning/using HTML codes to customize your emails
  • you love native integrations like buttons and Instagram feed

Flodesk Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flodesk?

Flodesk is an intuitive email marketing provider for content creators like fashion bloggers, interior designers, and photographers designed to send out beautiful email campaigns at an affordable price.

How much is Flodesk?

At the moment, Flodesk is priced at $38/month for unlimited emails subscribers and unlimited access to all current and future features. For a limited time, use code LOUISA to save 50% off the current price for life!

Is Flodesk Free?

No, Flodesk is NOT free. However, once you sign up for a free trial of Flodesk, you get unrestricted access to all features free for 30 days (no credit card needed).

Why is Flodesk so cheap?

Flodesk is so cheap right now because of its unique pricing strategy. Unlike most email service providers, Flodesk does not charge you more to grow your email list, and they don’t make you pay extra to access all features. And their introductory price of $38/month has been marked down by 50% via this link.

Is Flodesk still in beta?

As of writing this article, Flodesk is still in beta, and their current 50% off discount still works. It is still unknown when the company will end its private beta pricing.

Is Flodesk any good?

Yes, Flodesk is amazing. I moved my entire email list from ConvertKit to Flodesk a few years ago. I’m able to send newsletters, email campaigns, embed sign-up forms, customize the look and feel of my branded emails, and much more.

Does Flodesk have automated emails?

Sample Flodesk drip sequence

Yes, you can create automated emails (aka drip email campaigns) called workflows with Flodesk.

Can you send a test email with Flodesk?

Yes! I always send out a test email from Flodesk to make sure it’s exactly what I want my readers to get before scheduling or sending the broadcast to my subscriber list.

What is the Flodesk coupon code?

Use the Flodesk Promo Code “LOUISA” and receive 50% off the email marketing platform for 12 months. This means you’ll only pay $19/month for unlimited subscribers, emails, and access to all features, including gorgeous email templates to create content people love to open!

We’ve partnered with  Flodesk to offer Bloggerazzi readers a 50% off lifetime discount on this email marketing service.

Flodesk Review Conclusion

Flodesk is literally what fashion bloggers and creatives have been waiting for (I’ve been using this email marketing tool for over two years). This Flodesk review breaks down this NEW email marketing service’s practicality, versatility, and affordability.

If, after reading this Flodesk review, you decide that Flodesk is right, reach out to Flodesk customer service to request an annual plan. You’ll get one month free on top of the 50% off the beta price. That’s what I did!

How much does flodesk cost now
This is my yearly rate for unlimited subscribers with Flodesk

Rather than paying $456/year, with the 50% off $38 and free month on the yearly plan, I only pay $209!

Now compare this $209/year for unlimited subscribers to the $948/year I would have been paying with ConvertKit for up 3,000 subscribers a few years ago.

We’ve partnered with  Flodesk to offer Bloggerazzi readers a 50% off (for 12 months) discount on this email marketing service.

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As always, thanks so much for stopping by! And I hope you found this Flodesk review post helpful. Cheers to your success!

xo ~ Louisa


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