Frase Review: Is Frase Worth It? Best Content Marketing Tool You’ve NEVER Heard Of!

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Blogging is hard. And fashion blogging is probably one of the hardest niches. I know this because I’ve been fashion blogging for over 8 years and run other non-fashion niche blogs.

I attribute part of my success as a full-time, six-figure income blogger to not being afraid to try new things: things that no other fashion blogger is doing.

And today, I’m about to share one of my best-kept secrets:

Full time fashion blogger and content creator shares her thoughts on in this Frase review. Does it really work? How much is Frase?

Do you feel like your content marketing strategy is missing something? Is it too difficult to find the time and energy to write blog posts that convert? Are you looking for a tool that will help you streamline the process of researching and creating content?

If so, Frase might be just what you are looking for. In this Frase review, we’ll talk about what actually is, how Frase works, and whether (or not) Frase is worth it for content creators and fashion bloggers.

Ready? Let’s go!

So What is Frase?

Frase (aka is a new content marketing tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to generate personalized briefs and AI-driven content for your chosen keyword(s).

This cloud-based on-page optimization tool helps you streamline the process of researching and creating high-quality, engaging content through their innovative NLP technology in less time! Key Features

In simple words, focuses on:

  1. Frase Content – With Frase AI Content stack, digital content creators like you and I can use this end-to-end AI-powered SEO content creation workflow from content ideas to fully optimized SEO results faster and easier than ever before.
    • Outline builder – The builder helps you turn content ideas into outlines to generate more organic search traffic.
    • Content Briefs – This tool allows you to automate the process of creating SEO-focused content briefs for yourself and your writers.
    • Content Optimization – With this feature, Frase scores your content for target keywords in real-time to help you nail on-site SEO.
    • Content Analytics – A tool to measure the organic growth of your content, prevent content decay and discover keyword opportunities.
  2. Frase Answers – With AI chatbots, your website content is converted to instant answers for site visitors.
  3. (NEW) Frase AI /SEO Add-On – With the recently released “Write For Me” AI writing assistant included in Frase’s SEO Add-On, members like you and I can spend less time creating scroll-stopping articles.

All this is to say that is a full-stack software/tool that fashion bloggers and digital content creators will appreciate.

I’ve been using and loving Frase so much that I got my sisters in on the deal. It’s that good!

Just like RankIQ, you can use to optimize existing blog content, discover blog content that is “decaying” in traffic (and breathe new life into them), and so much more.

UPDATE: The Frase AI is here! And it’s looking even better than anyone expected. Want a quick rundown? Watch this video to see the AI in action.

How Does Frase Work?

Frase uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to glean insights (understanding, interpreting, and learning) from web content to produce relevant summaries with high efficiency.

Too technical? Here’s what you need to know about how works:

This robust online tool uses AI and NLP to produce relevant summaries and your keyword and article regardless of whether you’re optimizing old posts or creating brand new posts.

Frase is a new and innovative content optimization tool that makes it easy to produce engaging, high-quality copy. Its features ensure quality and relevance in your writing while making your work easier than ever before.

Frase helps us make the most of SEO with its Natural Language Processing abilities. And the tool takes out the guesswork, potential writer’s block, and extensive research in the content creation process.

The semantic NLP combo gives us an edge so that our work potentially ranks faster, gets more views, and ultimately earns a higher ROI!

How Much Does Frase Cost?

The basic plan for costs $44.99/month, the team plan costs $114.99/month, and the enterprise plan is custom pricing (based on client needs). Frase does not have a free plan, but it offers a Free Trial with all its paid plans.

If you’re unsure what plan is right for you, start with a free trial. The free trial allows you to create 5 AI documents, 1 crawl through your Google Search Console, and a free 30-day trial of Frase Answer Engine.

Here’s a breakdown of pricing plan:

Basic PlanTeam PlanEnterprise Plan
1 user seat3 user seatsUnlimited user seats
30 documents/monthUnlimited document creditsUnlimited document credits
Unlimited sharingUnlimited sharingUnlimited sharing
Al Writing Assistant (limited)Al Writing Assistant (limited)Unlimited Al Writing Assistant (Content Generation)
Google Docs IntergrationGoogle Docs Intergration
Unlimited API Access
$44.99/month$114.99/monthCustom Pricing
  • All plans get 15% off at checkout when you plan annually.
  • Basic and Team plans can optionally get unlimited AI Writing Assistant (aka Write For Me) with a $35/month SEO add-on.

Who is For? is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Spark interest in your content with the help of an AI-generated copy
  • Use a keyword research tool to generate briefs for your writers
  • Stop wasting time on cumbersome tasks and do more work that matters
  • Save time in doing research
  • Improve on-page SEO for your site 
  • Write unique, engaging articles that will be read by many people
  • Increase your SEO ranking with higher quality content  
  • Free yourself from needing to monitor trends and write off-the-cuff articles Review: My Favorite Features

Continuing this Frase review, I’d like to point out that there are a lot of things this tool can do. As a fashion blogger and content creator, I’ll breakdown the features that I find the most valuable:

Content Briefs

Have you ever tried outsourcing some of your content to external writers?

If you have, you absolutely know the importance of having a well-structured and detailed brief. The quality of the article you’ll get back depends, to some extent, on the guidance you give the writer.

With Frase Content Briefs, you can automate the process of creating a detailed outline to help your writer know precisely what you want.

The best part of this is that you can create your briefs in seconds rather than in minutes. Plus, you can share an editable version of the brief with writers (whether or not they have a Frase account) so they can get started immediately.

Your hired help can even create the article inside of Frase (no need for Google Docs/Word Document)!

Content Optimization

Frase Content Optimization saves you and your team hours of research and writing time. The tool uses AI algorithms to constantly analyze the top search engine results, so every article is on-brand and optimized for SEO.

This is done by utilizing their proprietary scoring system, which looks at how often each keyword appears throughout the text as well as its context — ensuring higher rankings within search engines like Google.

Although I have a decent understanding of SEO, I don’t have to put on my SEO cap when working with Frase because it simplifies and integrates with my workflows to provide maximum SEO results.

Frase makes it easy to see what your competitors are talking about with Frase Topic Heatmap, so you know exactly where you’re coming up short.

[NEW] AI Content Generation

New to the full stack of Frase’s capability is AI Content Generation. If this sounds new to you, I can relate. Frase uses a GPT-3 like feature combined with NLG to assist us with writing content. Why is this useful?

It comes in handy when you have writer’s block, need a little help making your content a little better and more. This technology literally generates new text based on your input. It can paraphrase existing text and can write long-form content too.

Unlimited paraphrase and Write For Me long-form content (with AI Writer) are included in the SEO AI add-on for $35/month.

For a complete rundown of Frase features, check out this page. SEO Add-on

Speaking of the Frase SEO Add-on, it’s more than just additional SEO features. Frase cloud-based SEO data add-on designed for marketing professionals that use search volume, backlink, and domain authority in their content workflow.

The $35/month add-on unlocks unlimited access to these features:

  • AI Write For Me
  • Paraphrase: selected sentences in your article. 
  • Write Headings: by converting a selected sentence from your passage.
  • Find Topics: in SERP that are related to your selected passage.
  • Find Passages: from SERP results that are related to your selected sentences.
  • See Monthly Search Volume for Keywords via the Outline Builder 
  • See Commercial and Informational Keyword Modifiers via the Outline Builder
  • See Domain Authority data for each search result in the editor
  • See Backlink data for each search result in the editor
  • Account for Domain Authority and Backlink insight in topic scoring
  • Create documents for up to 5 queries
  • Create documents filtered by up to 5 domains

I quickly paid for the Frase SEO Add-on as soon as I found out that it was available (even though the Write For Me option was still in beta).

Why? Although I don’t see myself using every feature included in this add-on, the Write For Me option alone is a bargain compared to other long-form writing assistants on the market.

And with Frase being an SEO-focused asset, I feel even better that Write For Me will incorporate SEO-best practices and suggested keywords/keyphrases into the text it generates.

Pros of Frase

  • You get more work done in less time
  • Content optimization gives your content better chances of ranking higher in search results
  • A robust tool providing a suite of tools to get you from start to finish with content creation
  • Fantastic customer service and support so you’ll never feel like you’re being ignored
  • Intuitive user interface and user experience
  • Quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for content creation and SEO
  • Connect your Google Search Console and get detailed information on top-performers, content decay and more
  • Share, download, or export your outline, brief, or article. Copy/paste to WordPress without losing format

Cons of Frase

  • The price might be a drawback for new bloggers and content creators bootstrapping, but the features are unmatched by other Frase alternatives
  • Help documents could be improved for better understanding
  • Frase Answer chatbot limited to 500 answers per month, which may be insufficient for bloggers getting over 25,000 pageviews
  • You’ll need to get the SEO add-on to see monthly search volume data
  • Non-English users might face some limitations with this tool (Frase is quickly expanding to support other languages as of the time of this review)
  • With new features and integrations, new users might have a little bit of a learning curve

Frase Alternatives

With the constant release of new and relevant features, it’s a stretch to say that there are true alternatives or competitors to Frase. That said, the closest alternatives to are:

  1. Surfer SEO: “Write and optimize your content faster than ever!” Price starts at $59/month for 25 content editor queries ($2.36/article).
  2. MarketMuse: “AI-powered content research, intelligence, and writing.” Price starts at $179/month for 5 content brief credits ($35.80/article).
  3. Topic: “helps editors and agencies create content briefs in half the time.” Price starts at $99/month for 10 Content Briefs and Optimizations ($9.99/article).
  4. Clearscope: “content optimization platform that drives search traffic.” Price starts at $170/month for 20 content pieces ($8.50/article).

For context, Frase “is an end-to-end SEO content creation workflow, powered by AI” with pricing that starts at $44.99/month for 30 document credits. This comes out to $1.50/article.

Of all these Frase alternatives, Surfer SEO appears to be the biggest competitor to

What truly sets Frase apart is that it is a tool for content research, content optimization, and now content generation (with the AI Writer included in the SEO add-on), while Surfer SEO is strictly a tool for content optimization.

Summary of Frase review

Innovation has always been the key to success, and content marketers like influencers/content creators are no exception. With all of our time spent researching, writing, and optimizing content for readers and search engines, it’s crucial that we find tools like Frase to help us work smarter.

Let me guess. You’re tired of spending hours manually creating your own outline and content brief painstakingly from Google’s top results. Well, let Frase do all that work for you!

Frase has taken the work out of aggregating information on Google by doing it faster than I ever could, and that’s more time to spend on creating content that my readers, new and aspiring fashion bloggers, want to read.

FAQ About Frase.Io

Is Frase IO worth it?

Yes, Frase IO is worth it for anyone looking for an all-in-one SEO and content optimization suite. The SEO add-on is a tool that most writers will love.

Is Frase any good?

Frase is more than just a tool for creating cont briefs. It’s an incredible tool for digital content creators and bloggers that cuts down the content creation time.

The internet is buzzing with so much talks about AI writing assistants like Jarvis, ContenBot, Rytr, Nichess, and so much more. But many are only just discovering a hidden gem,, a full-stack SEO toolset for content discovery, research, optimization, and now content generation. Does Frase work? Read this Frase review for my honest opinion.


Creating and publishing engaging content that ranks well on search engines is a time-consuming process. 

It can take hours, even days, to research an industry or niche, craft the perfect headline and body copy for your blog post, optimize it with SEO best practices and finally publish it for the world to see (and hopefully read). 

Frase takes care of all this busy work for you by using artificial intelligence-powered NLP technology for content research, content optimization, and now content generation! This new content marketing tool makes creating high-quality posts easier than ever before!

Although Frase is not without some drawbacks, it’s one of the best content/SEO tools I’ve ever invested in. I even convinced two of my sisters to get started with the tool.

Psst! I was able to write this blog post (yes, this one) faster thanks to I hope you found this Frase review helpful. As always, thanks for reading!

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  3. I have been hearing more and more about these AI content writing programs and i”m not really sure how i feel about it. On one hand, the time saved.. on the other.. no authenticity..

    1. I have to disagree about “no authenticity” as it’s a writing assistant, which is similar to hiring a writer to help with your first draft. Although I had my doubts about AI writing assistants, I see a place for them in my workflow today. Definitely worth trying to make a better decision/conclusion about how you feel about Frase (or any other AI).

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