Where to Find an LTK Virtual Assistant: A Guide for Fashion and Beauty Bloggers

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If you’re neck-deep in the LTK game like me, you know the struggle is real when it comes to managing all the tasks that come with it.

I’ve been with LTK, formerly known as rewardStyle, since 2013, so trust me when I say, I’ve been there. Whether it’s sourcing products, creating collages, or linking and scheduling collages, it’s a full-time job.

And it’s one I absolutely hated!

That’s where a Virtual Assistant (VA) comes in handy, but oh boy, finding the right one is like dating in a world full of commitment-phobes.

As an admin for the LTK Facebook Group called “rewardStyle bloggers,” we’ve seen the flood of comments and questions about hiring VAs. Posts like:

  • Does anyone have an influencer VA that they recommend?
  • Hi girls! So I’m looking for a VA and don’t know where to begin. I need someone to link with LTK, create collages with Canva, help with my biweekly newsletter + more. Any tips on how to find someone?
  • Can anyone recommend a great VA? I’m really looking for support in weekly newsletter creation/execution, and potentially some LTK graphics
  • Looking for a VA to do LTK linking posting, and possible collage boards/graphics! I did search the group and reached out to a few whi I saw posted these services but also curious for referrals!
  • Looking for a VA that’s proficient in LTK Creator app, Canva, pinterest, tailwind & flodesk. Let me know if you guys know of anyone!

P.S: If you’re a Pinterest VA, chances are that you’re pretty good at design and you’d do a darn good job being an LTK Virtual Assistant too!??

We tried to streamline the process with a master blogging business thread (link only viewable to members), but let’s be honest, not many people are using it.

So, here’s my attempt to make all of our lives easier.

The Importance of a Good VA for LTK

Having a VA is a game-changer. I held off for a long time because I wasn’t sure if it’d pay off (financially or personally).

Your VA can source products, link products, create beautiful collages your LTK profile, and even schedule your posts (lifestyle content, videos, and collages).

Imagine reclaiming those precious hours to focus on creating content or, you know, taking a bubble bath. Ah, the dream!

And with the recent announcement from Pinterest that LTK, Amazon, ShopStyle Collective and Rakuten as approved Affiliate Partners, there is an even bigger demand for LTK VAs.

Challenges in Finding the Right VA

But let’s cut to the chase: Trust issues, anyone??

Handing over your login info is a BIG deal. And then there’s the looming threat of running into scams.

I and several other LTK influencers got burnt once by a VA I found on Facebook, so I know that all that glitters is definitely not gold.

Budget is another roadblock. If your LTK content isn’t bringing in enough cash, hiring someone, especially in the U.S., can feel like splurging on a Gucci bag every month.

Where to Find An LTK Virtual Assistant


You could find a VA on Fiverr, but it’s a mixed bag. I tried it and let’s just say I got what I paid for.?

However, my friend had success there. She provides the product links to the virtual assistant to create the collages. Once she gets the collages from the VA, she uploads, links, schedules/posts on LTK.

I needed someone who could do it all these manual tasks for me.

But as you know, handing over your sacred login details can feel like handing over your house keys to a stranger. Exercise caution and maybe even set up an LTK collaborator account if you go this route.


Now, if you’re willing to invest a little more, Upwork is generally more professional. You’ll likely need to post a job listing to reel in those resumes.

Yes, you’ll pay more, but think of it as investing in a high-quality serum for your business skin.

I actually did not bother with this option. I initally gave up after Fiverr until one of my part-time hires asked me for extra work.

She did a decent job until she left (to pursue a side hustle she was more passionate about).


This platform is buzzing right now, especially with people who’ve worked with other LTK fashion influencers.

But be warned, scams are rampant. Always, and I mean always, do a thorough check and ask for references. DM their reference to confirm that they work together/have worked together.

July 10, 2020, Brazil. In this photo illustration the Facebook logo seen displayed on a smartphone

Word of Mouth

Another route is to ask your influencer besties. But there’s a catch—when people find a gem, they tend to keep it a secret.

Also, the costs can add up, making this option a bit tricky if your LTK earnings aren’t exactly skyrocketing.


Onlinejobs.ph (my affiliate link) is the best-kept secret! This is how I found my rockstar LTK VA.

I posted a job, sifted through applications, and even used the search function to find candidates with LTK and Canva skills.

After a series of interviews and one paid exercise, I hit the jackpot. Would anyone be interested in seeing my full process?

My VA has been with me since May, and she’s a dream come true. Plus, her rates are competitive, especially for talent in the Philippines.

I thought it was a fluke! But I now have a team of 5 VAs (aka Online Filipino Specialists/OFS) working for me.

Paying it forward

So, here’s the deal. At the last LTKCon I attended, one of my key takeaways from LTK top-earners was hiring a team.

These top-earners focus on things that only they can do! So, I made it a goal to hire out things I:

  • Do not like but is important
  • Like but do not require me to do it
  • Find takes too much of my time

If you’re a VA specialized in LTK or an influencer on the hunt, drop a comment below.

VAs looking for LTK clients please comment below with the following:

  1. Your offerings
  2. Your skills (new, experienced)
  3. How potential clients can get in touch
  4. Links to samples of your work

LTK content creators (fashion bloggers/influencers) looking for an LTK VA please comment below with the following:

  1. What you’re looking for
  2. How to get in touch with you (email or Instagram handle)

Don’t forget to check back frequently for responses to your comments.

While I can’t personally vet everyone, do your due diligence. Heck, you can even use Onlinejobs.ph, hire your VA, and cancel your membership once you’re done. It’s that simple!


Finding the right VA for your LTK needs is no small feat, but it’s worth every bit of effort.

Eventually, I hope to compile all the comments into a directory, so finding your match made in LTK heaven will be a breeze.

Until then, let’s help each other out and turn the comment section into a treasure trove of opportunities.

Because, let’s face it, we could all use a little help in turning our LTK hustle into a thriving empire.

If you find this post helpful, consider sharing it with friends, new/aspiring VAs, and LTK influencers looking for help.

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