Honest RankIQ Review 2023: The Best SEO Blogging Software for Keyword Research and Content Optimization?

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One of the biggest problems that bloggers face (yes, this includes fashion bloggers) is keyword research. I’ll be the first to admit it, I pay for SEMRush, but it takes me a lot of time to find the perfect keyword to write about.

So when Brandon Gaille released RankIQ, I knew I absolutely had to try it. Why? Because his blog brings in several million monthly visitors.

2022 Update: Thanks to many strategies I learned from Brandon’s course and now his RankIQ database, I’ve gone full-time blogging. I successfully doubled my six-figure 9-5 salary while working from home and taking 4+ months off to have a baby.

RankIQ Review - Everything You Should Know

In this RankIQ review, I’ll discuss how I use this new AI (artificial intelligence) tool for keyword research and content optimization that drives traffic and increases conversions.

If you’re considering trying RankIQ SEO tool, keep reading for my honest review of RankIQ: features, pricing, what it does well, and basically everything you need to know.

A Little Background Story – The Blog Millionaire & RankIQ Review

I launched my fashion blog in 2012, and at that time, I had no clue what SEO or keyword research was. And not surprisingly, for the first few years, I was getting little to no traffic to my blog.

But when I finally decided to invest in myself by getting a blogging course, it opened a whole new world of possibilities for me.

I’m a long-time listener of The Blogging Millionaire podcast, and I absolutely love Brandon’s teaching style. So I invested in myself and paid for The Blogging Millionaire course.

The Blogging Millionsire Podcast - More traffic + More money

The course wasn’t exactly cheap, but the strategies and insights were eye-opening. I immersed myself in the course and applied what I learned to my fashion blog.

Using his keyword research strategies and blog post outlines, I created killer content for my style blog.

One of the blog posts I had written using Brandon Gaille’s strategies ended up being the number one blog post on Google for a huge savings event.??? And the rest is history!

What Is Rank IQ?

RankIQ is an AI-powered SEO toolset that tells you exactly what keyword to target, what to put in your blog post, and how to perfectly craft perfectly optimized SEO’d content in half the time.

RankIQ takes out the guesswork of keyword research (using tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, KeySearch…) to help you create an A+ quality content that ranks well on Google.

Pressed for time? Here is an overview of RankIQ and all its features:

What is it?RankIQ, AI-powered keyword research, and content optimization tool
How much?$99/month. Current intro price $49
Who is it for?Content publishers like bloggers and digital creators in established blogging niches that want to spend less time creating content they can confidently rank for.
Pros?Intuitive, easy-to-use, comprehensive list of high traffic keywords from major niches.
Cons?Price may be a hindrance to newbie bloggers.
Bottom Line?Saves time and money and provides a private Facebook community for subscribers

How does RankIQ work?

RankIQ is an SEO toolset that uses IBM Watson’s AI to help bloggers find low competition keywords that they can target and rank fast, so their content gets seen on Google, gets traffic, and makes money.

Want more? Check out this video:

How does RankIQ work?

Truth be told, using a robust tool like SEMRush is amazing, but it takes a lot of time (think 2-3 hours) to find a few competition keywords I can rank for.

But with RankIQ, it’s only a matter of going through the keyword library and choosing the best keyword opportunity, and I’m off to the races.

As a matter of fact, some of the articles I’ve written using RankIQs keyword library are already ranking on Google and driving traffic/conversion on my blog.

So, I can speak from personal experience that the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done by RankIQ is on point.

And I’m not alone! Here’s one rave review I came across on Facebook:

RankIQ testimonial
Is RankIQ legit?

Who Is RankIQ For?

Rank IQ is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and experienced bloggers looking to up their game to get their content discovered and ranking on Google or other search engines faster.

This SEO tool is also for content creators looking to optimize old/existing content or to write brand new well-optimized content from scratch.

My Honest RankIQ Review

 As I mentioned earlier in this article, I was one of the very first 100 people to sign up for RankIQ when it was first released in beta. So I can tell you exactly my experience using this research and optimization tool.

Ready? Let’s go! 

Cost of RankIQ for Bloggers and Content Publishers

Rank IQ costs $99 per month, so it’s a subscription type model, but the current introductory price is $49/month, and it gives you access to the entire keyword library and 16 AI SEO reports per month (resets at the end of the month).

RankIQ$99 $49

Compare this $49/month done-for-you keyword research tool to the manual $119.95/month SEMRush SEO tool, and you can see the obvious benefit of going with RankIQ.

There are no upsells or pricing tiers with RankIQ. What you see is what you get.

RankIQ is offering 50% off their standard price of $99 $49 for full access to the keyword libraries, and AI SEO reports for a limited time.

RankIQ Features

Rank IQ is more than just getting access to the entire keyword library, and AI SEO reports. Here are all the main features and benefits of choosing rank IQ:

  • Access to the best keywords for your niche in seconds
  • Make complete content outline in minutes
  • Create a search engine optimized top-notch title that gets clicks to your blog
  • Write the most comprehensive content
  • Supercharge your existing or underperforming blog posts
  • NEW! Access to a private Facebook Community

What Is RankIQ’s Keyword Research Library?

I’ve said so much about RankIQ’s keyword research library feature. But what exactly is the keyword research library?

RankIQ’s Keyword Research Library is a database of RankIQ-selected, lowest competition phrases with the highest traffic potential organized by niche.

If you’re familiar with SEO, you already know that you have to painstakingly perform your own target keyword research to find words or phrases that your website could “potentially” rank for.

All sorts of tools and strategies have been formulated to help bloggers like you and me navigate finding blog post ideas with keywords we can rank for.

RankIQ Keyword Research Libraries

But, it still takes an awful amount of time to use tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and KeySearch to drill down the list. 

However, with RankIQ, all of that hard work has been done for us. As Christian G. put it, you’ll definitely find some “golden keyword nuggets” in the niche libraries (source). 

You might be wondering, “Louisa, is my niche included?”

RankIQ’s library covers every major blog niche, a list of over 200 containing the lowest competition phrases that also have high traffic potential, so you never have to worry about keyword research again.

Here’s a list of a few niche libraries in fashion, fitness, and mom categories:

Fashion/Makeup: Nails
Fashion: Earrings
Fashion: Hair
Fashion: How to Wear
Fashion: Jeans / Pants
Fashion: Men
Fashion: Plus Sized
Fashion: Purses
Fashion: Shoes
Fashion: Sustainable
Fashion: What to Wear

Fitness: best _
Fitness: exercises
Fitness: mix
Fitness: running
Fitness: workouts
Fitness: yoga

Mom: Coloring Pages
Mom: Cub Scouts
Mom: Kid Jokes and Puns
Mom: Postpartum
Mom: Pregnancy / Fertility
Mom: Printables
Mom: babies
Mom: cakes
Mom: holidays
Mom: how to
Mom: mix
Mom: parties
Mom: pregnancy

P.S: If your niche is not currently included in the libraries, send Brandon Gaille a message here to request your niche library. Brandon and his team provide excellent customer service.

What Is RankIQ’s AI SEO Report?

RankIQ’s AI SEO Report identifies the blog topics that Google’s ranking algorithm wants you to cover in your content. This helps you craft awesome blog posts that can compete for 1st page Google ranking.

RankIQ Review - AI SEO Content Report

This section includes:

  • Summary of your keyword report – A broad picture of your goal
    • Suggested Content Grade
    • Suggested Word Count
    • # of Sources Analyzed by the AI
  • Content Analysis – The topics and LSI phrases that Google wants you to cover in your article
  • Title Analysis – A list of keywords/phrases that Google likes in titles for your analyzed keyword
    • Highest ranked titles for inspiration
  • Competition Analysis – Articles that have the most comprehensive and highest-graded content on Google to give you an idea of how to structure or format your post

What Is RankIQ’s Content Optimizer?

RankIQ’s Content Optimizer is a content editor that shows you, in real-time, your content grade for a keyword/keyphrase.

In essence, with the Content Optimizer, you know how well your written content compares against the top-ranking articles.

This section includes:

  • Your content grade vs. recommended content grade
  • Your content word count vs. recommended word count
  • A section to write/paste your content
  • Topics to include (phrases you’ve covered in your article and phrases yet to be included in your article)

As you write, green checkmarks appear next to the topics you have included in your article to make it easier for you to focus on what you’re missing.

RankIQ Review - Content Optimizer

Side note, you can still score an A++ content grade without hitting your recommended word count or including all the topics.

The goal is NOT to stuff your content, which can jeopardize your SEO efforts but to create a comprehensive article that satisfies the user intent. 

Pros of RankIQ

  • Easy-to-use/intuitive SEO toolset
  • Affordable, particularly the beta price
  • Saves you time doing keyword research
  • Contains a comprehensive list of hand-picked low-competition keywords for major niches
  • Assists you in creating scroll-stopping blog post titles
  • Suggested topics guarantee you include relevant information in your article
  • Built by a blogger and top SEO expert for bloggers like you and I
  • On-boarding tutorial video to help you maximize your use of the software in a matter of minutes
Pros of RankIQ - Is RankIQ good?

Cons of RankIQ

  • As with most new software, you might encounter minor disruptions/bugs. Brandon and his team were quick to fix any bugs and address any issues I had.
  • Although RankIQ is an SEO toolset, it is not an all-in-one SEO tool. So you can’t track your rankings, look up your backlink profile or perform competitor research. Remember, a jack of all trades is “typically” a master of none.
  • Current Keyword Research Libraries are limited to the major niches. As one of the first 100 people to try RankIQ, the tool only had 60 libraries. Now, there are 200+ libraries with more in the pipeline. Can’t find yours here? Contact Brandon to request your niche be added.
  • The 16 AI SEO Reports per month might be too many for a content publisher with only one website or not enough for those that manage more than one website. Word on the street is that a higher tier for those that need more than 16 AI reports is in the works.?
  • RankIQ uses AI, but it does not write your article for you (like Jasper.AI does).

Are There Alternatives to RankIQ?

Yes, there are alternatives to RankIQ. But I wouldn’t necessarily describe any of these as direct competitors. Competitors to RankIQ are:

  1. Use Topic: “helps editors and agencies create content briefs in half the time.” Price starts at $99/month for 10 Content Briefs and Optimizations ($9.99/article).
  2. Clearscope: “content optimization platform that drives search traffic.” Price starts at $170/month for 20 content pieces ($8.50/article).
  3. MarketMuse: “AI-powered content research, intelligence, and writing.” Price starts at $179/month for 5 content brief credits ($35.80/article).

For comparison, the $49 beta price of RankIQ gives you 16 AI reports per month, which comes down to $3.06/article, which is lower than the industry average.

RankIQ is offering 50% off their standard price of $99 $49 for full access to the keyword libraries, and AI SEO reports for a limited time.

RankIQ Review: Frequently Asked Questions

How much is RankIQ?

RankIQ costs $99 for 16 AI SEO reports, but the current beta price is $49 for the same number of reports and unlimited access to the 200+ keyword libraries.

Is RankIQ free?

No, RankIQ is not free. And there is currently no free trial available for this SEO toolset.

Is RankIQ any good?

Yes, RankIQ is a phenomenal tool for finding low-medium competition keywords and creating well-SEO’d quality content. It definitely has the potential to cut your content creation by 50%.

Is there a coupon code for RankIQ?

The beta price for RankIQ is 50% off the actual price of $99. You do not need a coupon code at this time to lock in this introductory price.

How does RankIQ work?

RankIQ uses IBM Watson’s AI to help bloggers find low-competition keywords in the keyword library, run an AI SEO content report, and optimize their draft using the content optimizer. Here’s a video walkthrough of how RankIQ works.

Who created RankIQ?

Brandon Gaille, a top keyword research expert and creator of The Blogging Millionaire podcast whose blogs get over 5 million monthly pageviews per month, is the founder and creator of RankIQ.

Is RankIQ right for me?

RankIQ is best for new, intermediate, and experienced bloggers looking to cut down the time it takes to find high-quality keywords with low competition and high potential traffic that they can confidently write about and rank for on Google.

Does RankIQ live up to its promises? Here's my honest review & experience using this new SEO tool for keyword research & optimization for new and old content.

Is RankIQ Legit?

Yes, RankIQ is legit! Although it’s a relatively new AI SEO tool on the market, I’ve tried it and would recommend it to bloggers. Some of the posts I’ve written using exact keyword suggestions from the niche libraries are already ranking on Google for my fashion blog.

I’m also a dedicated listener to Brandon Gaille’s podcast, and I’ve also taken his The Blog Millionaire online course. I can say that he does not mince words when it comes to sharing his SEO strategies.

Some of his course strategies helped my fashion blog go from making peanuts to making multiple 6-figures from my online business.

And if you have questions or need help, he’s always available in the private Facebook Group, RankIQ and TBM Community, to answer your questions.

RankIQ definitely offers a big bang for your buck over the industry standard competitors like Use Topic ($99/month), Clearscope ($170/month), and MarketMuse ($179/month).

On a budget?

You can exclusively use RankIQ as both your keyword research tool (keyword library contains thousands of great keywords to choose from) and as your content optimization software (AI SEO Report and Content Optimization grades your content) without spending $$$ on other keyword research tools.

RankIQ is offering 50% off their standard price of $99 $49 for full access to the keyword libraries, and AI SEO reports for a limited time.

RankIQ review Conclusion

Keyword research is arguably the most important SEO strategy for those who want a shot at 1st page ranking on search engines.

But the keyword research process is time-consuming and one of my least-favorite blogging-related tasks.

RankIQ is an absolute goldmine and a great time-saver for a beginner blogger still trying to learn the ropes of blogging and SEO. Choose from thousands of relevant keyword phrases from the hand-picked keyword library and start writing. It’s that easy!

High-income bloggers use keyword research 64% of the time to figure out what they will write about. In contrast, only 15% of all other bloggers use keyword research (source) https://growthbadger.com/blog-statistics/.

You bet that any post I intend to rank on Google has been deeply researched, extensively written, and optimized before I hit the publish button on my blog.

Psst! I used RankIQ to generate an AI SEO report on THIS post. Then, I used the Content Optimizer to polish up my final draft. Here’s the result:

Chances are you searched for a review of RankIQ on Google, loved my blog post title, and clicked over to my blog. If I have your attention up to this point, it means RankIQ delivered on its promise. Agreed?

Although it would be a stretch for me to call RankIQ the best SEO tool on the market, I can say that this AI SEO tool excels at both providing an extensive list of done-for-you keywords/keyphrases and a decent dashboard to optimize your new and existing content.

I hope you found this RankIQ review post helpful. And as always, thanks for stopping by.

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